Why Youtube?

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You probably found my website from Youtube and I wanted to answer a frequently asked question about why I started Youtube. I have always been into photography since I was young and when I got the chance I would take photography classes through school. I didn’t learn much however as the complexity of ISO, shutter speed, aperture and lens lengths just went over my head. It wasn’t until a kind friend taught me the basics in a way that doesn’t sound like a horrible math problem. After photographing weddings together for many years, I realised a common request from the bride and groom is if we could make a video too? This request sounded like something so difficult and complicated that I couldn’t begin to imagine making a wedding video. Youtube had been evolving and more and move how to videos were uploaded by people making and editing videos. I started making videos as a hope to eventually shoot wedding videos. I also found inspiration in some travel channels beautiful b-roll drone scenes set to music. I started learning how to do it all and now I do Youtube because I enjoy this creative process and want a lot of video memories to look back on.

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